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Competitive debuts, welcome returns and competitive wrestling! Awesome Axa Jay made her competitive debut at MWC and showed wnat a skilled (and just a little sadistic!) wrestler she's become. As a result of al last-minute cancellation, Monica made her first Event appearance and had two of the most competitive matches of the day! Minxy Li had an unmissable match with Axa – and Adriana (back at last!) and Inferno had an edge-of-the-seat struggle. Lydia and Jaki injected real power into the proceedings, not least in their intense closing match. Plenty of contrast here, but all 100% competive!

1. Adriana v Inferno; 2. Lydia v Monica; 3. Axa Jay v Inferno; 4.Jaki v Monica; 5. Axa Jay v Mnxy Li; 6. Jaki v Lydia.

Boxed DVD Running time: 2 hr 2 min

Live Event - September 2014 DVD

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