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MWC September Event 2020


There are many things that a global pandemic can stop but even coronavirus couldn’t put the skids on Monica’s live events for too long!

People have inundated the boss lady to tell her how much they have missed her fun packed events, so she decided to bring some much-needed cheer to the wrestling community by organising a Covid-safe show.

In an unwanted first for the event, there was no crowd at a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event for the obvious safety reasons. It’s certainly not something we liked and it was weird, not least for guest referee Wimpy Nick who has always been a bit of a show off!

But we were determined to overcome all the hurdles and put on a show worthy of the name and we have seven beautiful and incredibly talented ladies who were able to turn up and safely perform.

And boy did they perform in style! We had Bianca, Lara, Cheetah, Ivy Rain, Eva Ray, Beth Bennett and Zoe Page making up the mouth-watering line-up and none of them disappointed!

What was particularly exciting for this show was the fact there were a number of MWC Live Show debutants and girls who are fresh to wrestling, meaning that - despite the current situation - there is a healthy future for the scene.

The girls have varying looks and styles and they all managed to stamp their personalities on a fabulous, pulsating and truly exciting show - keeping Wimpy Nick on his toes throughout.

Obviously, this isn’t how we like to put on live events and the excitable crowd was missed by all. But we also know you’ve missed the competitive and fun wrestling MWC shows bring and so we didn’t want to disappoint!

Monica always finds a way and you can get your MWC Live Event fix by downloading these magnificent clips and enjoying the thrills and spills from the Ring of Pain that way.



Contents: 1. Bianca Blance vs Cheetah 2. Ivy Rain vs Zoe Page 3. Beth Bennett vs Lara 4. Eva Ray vs Ivy Rain  5. Beth Bennett vs Bianca Blance 6. Cheetah vs Lara 7. Eva Ray vs Zoe Page 8. Bianca Blance vs Lara


Double Box DVD Running Time Approx. 160 minutes


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