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Summer might have been coming to a close but Monica’s Wrestling Centre delivered one scorching hot event to keep those vibes alive for just a little bit longer!

Ten matches of the highest and most incredible quality featuring some of the top stars in the session wrestling scene as well as some exciting new faces promised to deliver and, sure enough, they exceeded even our high expectations!

We were delighted to welcome back London lovely Axel, as well as the incredible international talents of Orsi B, Nikki, Leila and - after way too long - the legendary Lina!

But the MWC is also about giving fresh, new, exciting, young talents an opportunity to strut their stuff on the big stage and, boy, did we do that in this event.

Rage Shieldmaiden, Vox, Jelly, Ivy Rain (who wasn’t even supposed to be wrestling but filled in at the last minute much to everyone’s delight!) and Bing Ling all made stunning debuts and won the hearts of minds of the delighted, lucky fans who were able to make the live show in person.

Best of all, the “newbies” all demonstrated why the future of the scene is in fine and safe hands when they showcased everything they have to offer.

The fans were naturally on the edge of their seats as the high quality matches delivered some memorable and phenomenal fights that will live long in the memory.

We’re always looking to improve our fantastic events but we’re going to have to pull out all the stops to even come close to this festival of wrestling.

If you were unable to make it, then we’re sorry to say you missed out. But thankfully, you can have the next best thing and purchase the fabulous fights and see what all the excitement was about! A wonderful event that is a must-have in your collections!


Contents: 1. Orsi B vs Rage 2. Princess Nikki vs Vox 3. Leila vs Ivy Rain 4. Bing Ling vs Vox  5. Jelly vs Axel 6. Rage vs Lina 7. Axel vs Leila 8. Bing Ling vs Princess Nikki 9. Jelly vs Leila 10. Lina vs Orsi B


Double Box DVD Running Time Approx. 214 minutes


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