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With Christmas weeks away, Monica’s Wrestling Centre was already in a giving mood when it treated fans to the last live event of the year.

The November event ensured the year ended with a real bang as a selection of some of the finest wrestlers in the business locked up and did battle in the squared circle at Monica’s incredible venue.

There was a healthy British contingent in the shape of MWC favourite Jade, the increasingly popular Max babe Siren, luscious London and exciting newcomer Axel.

And to prove Brexit was not affecting the wrestling scene, they welcome a plethora of European beauties in the form of Gabi, Galya, Eli and highly-rated MWC live event debutant Orsi B and Kimbra!

Naturally, with the festive season practically upon us, the girls got into the Christmas spirit and served up a real treat to the lucky boys who must have thought Santa had come very very early!

As ever, there were a host of incredible matches wrestled at breathless pace with each girl giving their all and demonstrating exactly why they are so loved and respected within the industry.

With the quality of the shows this year being as high as they have been, there was pressure on the girls to live up to the MWC reputation and boy did they deliver!

On display was a hell of a lot of skill, speed, strength, resilience, determination and battling qualities - all fought out in the very best fair and respectful spirit amongst the warriors.

As always, the boss lady herself Monica was ringside to run the show and encourage the wrestlers while the legendary Ina Black was also present to ensure the day went off smoothly.

Judging by the cheers, applause and general reaction of the obviously delighted crowd - this was a show-stopping end to the live event calendar!

If you were unable to make it then you missed a treat! But luckily, salvation is here in the form of these brilliant clips which captured all the thrills and spills of the contests. Treat yourself to them - it is Christmas after all!


Content: 1. Orsi B vs Jade 2. Eli vs London 3. Axel vs Galya 4. Gabi vs Kimbra 5. Galya vs London 6. Axel vs Siren 7. Gabi vs Orsi B 8. Eli vs Siren 9. Jade vs Kimbra


Double Box DVD Running Time Approx. 192 minutes


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