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Christmas might have been a month away but Monica dished out the perfect festive treat with this incredible MWC live show.

A feast of 10 absolutely off-the-scale matches ensured the last show of 2017 was a classic that will be talked about for years to come.

As always, the line-up read like a who’s who of the session wrestling scene with 10 extremely talented beauties - old and new - sending the punters wild.

Biggest cheers were reserved for the return of ravishing redhead Inferno - who was performing in her first wrestling show following her broken leg suffered earlier this year.

She was joined on the bill by her fellow British beauties and extremely popular fighters Axa Jay, Jade, McKenzie, Pussy Willow and the IMAX duo Kat and Baby.

The European contingent for this show was made up of Hungarian babe Asia and the German duo of Phoenix and Warrior.

There was an incredible amount of skill, ability, flexibility, strength and determination on show from all the girls, which kept everyone constantly on the edge of their seats.

As ever, the legendary Monica and Ina Black were ringside throughout performing their duties to ensure the show went off without a hitch. Kat and Baby’s IMAX teammate Viper was also a visitor, cheering on her pals!

With such a sterling line-up, it was impossible not to delight the crowd and they certainly were not disappointed judging by the cheers, interaction, howls of encouragement and looks of utter joy on their faces throughout the event.

One of them even managed to hit the jackpot by getting to referee the match as the usual official took a ringside seat while taking a breather from the pulsating action.

Anyone who missed this show will be kicking themselves but, if you did, console yourself with these clips. They will certainly be the best festive treats you get this year!


Content: 1. Aisa vs Inferno 2. Axa Jay vs Iron Phoenix 3. Pussy Willow vs McKenzie 4. Jade vs Baby Max 5. Amazon Warrior vs Axa Jay 6. Kat Max vs Pussy Willow 7. Iron Phoenix vs Inferno 8. Jade vs Aisa 9. Mckenzie vs Baby Max 10. Amazon Warrior vs Kat Max


Double Box DVD Running Time: Approx 193 minutes


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