What a phenomenal way to close out 2016! MWC’s November 2016 live event will go down as one of the most exciting and hottest in our history.

The last show set the bar so high that the girls who attended this one were under pressure to match it. But, boy, did they enjoy meeting that challenge head on!
We had the most number of guests we’ve ever had with Eastern Europe strongly represented by commanding Czech cuties Diana and Lucrecia and brilliant Bulgarian beauties Gabi and Gayla.

They were joined by a visitor from across the pond with the incredible Kaysha coming all the way from Dallas to strut her stuff. But our English roses were never going to be outnumbered and the homeland was represented by the talented of Jade, Luna and Orsi! Wherever they came from, the one thing they all had in common is they are experienced, determined and stubborn wrestlers with a will to win.

So what we were presented with were exciting matches that kept everyone on the edge of their seats from start to finish.
All matches featured incredible skills and amazing intensity and, yet, they were all done in a fabulous, fun spirit. 

The show highlighted all that is great about session wrestling and its what MWC live events have become famous for - roll on 2017 for more of the same!

Content: 1. Orsi vs Jade 2. Gabi vs Luna 3. Kaysha vs Diana 4. Galya vs Jade 5. Lucrecia vs Luna 6. Galya vs Orsi 7. Gabi vs Kaysha 8. Diana vs Lucrecia

Double Boxed DVD Running time: 174 min



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