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Plenty of variety among the matches, with two MvF matches too! it's great to see Shelby Beach return to settle her long-standing battle for supremacy with Monica!

Jenny Badeau debuts and finds her hands full with gorgeous Jade and Orsi  – who also wrestle each other in a memorable and surprising match.

Shelby takes on a fit guy in 100% full-on combat, with plenty of submissions on both sides. And Monica flattens a small guy who has the temerity to step on the mats with her!

1. Jenny Badeau v Orsi; 2. Shelby Beach v Guy; 3. Jade v Orsi; 4. Monica v Small Guy; 5. Jade v Jenny Badeau; 6. Monica v Shelby Beach.

Boxed DVD Running time: 2 hr 4 min

Live Event - November 2014 DVD

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