Some fantastic wrestling talent on the mats. Veve Lane returns after two years to tackle US pro cagefighter, Bad Bettie and the never-better Antscha. 

Lydia also returns and adds some deadly new Sambo leg locks and armbars to her aggressive repertoire. Geri, a new face with a judo background, finds her work cut out to survive in such company – but still gets her fair share of submissions. Tyger struggles with Lydia's new techniques and Venom's overwhelming skill set, but keeps smiling!

In particular, the matches between Veve, Bettie, Antscha and Venom are some of the most demanding ever. Not to be missed!

1. Lydia v Tyger; 2. Geri v Antscha; 3. Bad Bettie v Venom; 4.Tyger v Venom; 5. Antscha v Veve Lane; 6. Geri v Lydia; 7. Bad Bettie v Veve Lane.

Boxed DVD Running time: 2 hr 22 min

Live Event - November 2013 DVD


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