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Wow! Just when we thought the Monica’s Wrestling Centre live events have reached their ultimate peak with the 2018 shows, the first one of 2019 comes along and blows that theory apart!

Ten fabulous and incredible talents from across Britain and Europe taking each other in some of the best and most exciting matches you are ever going to see.

We had the hugely popular fan favourites and English roses Jade and Inferno who are always value for money and never fail to produce.

The IMAX beauties of Viper and Kat made sure the emerald isle had exquisite representation while we had another welcome appearance of gorgeous Axel. Eastern European best buddies Orsi B and Princess Nikki also strutted their stuff and it was a huge MWC show welcome for debutants Natasha, Jet and Bianca!

Jade had also brought along a rather very special visitor - her unborn baby! MWC shows are so essential that even pregnancy cannot stop some of these girls from wanting to take part.

While we are seeing the weather outside start to improve, the temperatures in the ring were scorching hot as the ladies set fire to it with their outstanding ability.

You could sense that the crowd were getting increasingly excited and thrilled with each passing second of every single match. So many hard-fought contests resulted in some nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat dramas that we always love to see - but all done in the right way and with plenty of smiles on the wrestlers’ faces!

The first show of the year sets the tone and standard for the session wrestling year ahead and, if this show is anything to go by, 2019 is going to be one hell of a delight.

Anyone who missed this show will be kicking themselves but salvation is at hand in the form of these awesome clips and DVD which will help you enjoy or relive the incredible memories made that day in our ring.


Content: 1. Jade vs Natasha 2. Axel vs Viper 3. Jet vs Inferno 4. Biance Blance vs Orsi B 5. Princess Nikki vs Kat Max 6. Viper vs Jet 7. Biance Blance vs Natasha 8. Orsi B vs Inferno 9. Jade vs Princess Nikki


Double Box DVD Running Time Approx. 188 minutes



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