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Our exciting March, 2016 Live Event featured six matches and a variety of wrestlers whose skills were on display. We hosted two guest wrestlers: BJJ/grappling specialist Julia Chokes from Germany as well as Gabi, a black belt judoka from Bulgaria (she first wrestled for us at our July, 2015 event). You will also see matches with our in-house competitors: Pro Wrestler Shelby Beach, tough girl Hex, martial arts expert Luna and submission queen Kassidy. All six matches were competitive from start to finish, with well earned victories in each bout. Our competitors used their strength, concentration and technique to try and earn a victory.

1. Desi v Hex 2. Luna vs Kassidy 3. Judoka Gabi v Julia Chokes 4. Judoka Gabi vs Kassidy 5. Shelby Beach v Luna 6. Shelby Beach v Julia Chokes

Boxed DVD Running time: 2 hr 06 min


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