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Plenty of power and skill in this exciting Live Event! Cheyenne Jewel and Page from the USA make their UK debuts and have some super-exciting bouts with home team Shelby and Kassidy. Skilled amazons in 100% competitive combat!

Petite powerhouse Vana takes on Orsi in what becomes quite a bad-tempered match with nasty moves. And Shelby and Kassidy renew their old wrestling feud!

1. Shelby Beach v Kassidy; 2. Orsi v Vana; 3. Cheyenne Jewel v Page; 4.Orsi v Cheyenne Jewel; 5. Page v Kassidy; 6. Shelby Beach v Cheyenne Jewel.

Live Event - March 2014 DVD

SKU: 364215375135191
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