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WHAT A SCORCHER! The MWC summer event was every bit hotter and more entertaining than the glorious sunny days already enjoyed in 2017!
Seven talented and skilful ladies giving their all to demonstrate exactly why there is nothing better than quality, live wrestling between some stars of the scene.
All of the matches were intense, exciting, dramatic and left the live crowd on the edge of their seats as the thrills and spills and twists and turns unfolded in front of their eyes.
For this event, the Brit pack featured the likes of gorgeous Jade, luscious Laken and super Scorpion while the hot Spice made her MWC live event debut with distinction.
Brazilian beauty Leila, who is MWC’s most recent addition, also made her first appearance at a live show and certainly left an impression on us all!
Gorgeous German powerhouses Warrior and Phoenix made up the incredibly exciting line up!
Sadly, the ravishing redhead Inferno - who was originally scheduled to be on the bill - had to pull out through injury but made the trip to cheer on the girls!
The hype and anticipation before this event was sky high and no-one was left disappointed with all the quality and immense talent on show.
All seven girls put on a show and gave everything to their matches and, as a result, we have so many new classic encounters created that will be talked about long into the future.
Everyone was on top form and there is already excitement and hype about the next MWC event!
But before we move on to that, you can own every single one of these fabulous matches through a single DVD here.

Content: 1.Phoenix v Spice  2.Laken v Jade 3. Scorpion v Warrior 4. Leila v Laken  5. Warrior v Spice 6. Scorpion v Phoenix 7. Jade v Leila

Double Boxed DVD Running time: 156 min


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