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New faces and intense matches make this a memorable event! UK debuts for Karina Gotika from Russia and Emma Switch from Belgium - two incredibly aggressive and skilled wrestlers.

Scorpion and Luna make MWC debuts and show off their strength and grappling skill. An ever-feisty Minxy Li returns to launch into hardbody Emma and pro wrestler Karina, bringing incredible passion to the mats. Scorpion shows her cool technical skill; Luna her great strength and defensive ability. Applause from an enthusiastic audience!

1. Karina Gotika v Luna; 2. Luna v Scorpion; 3. Emma Switch v Minxy Li; 4. Karina Gotika v Scorpion; 5.Karina Gotika v Minxy Li.

Boxed DVD Running time: 1 hr 39 min


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