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Zoe Page Vanquished

I can do lots!” And it is true. The delicious Zoe Page can indeed do many things on the wrestling mats and she has proved that time and time again on the MWC mats.

But she has never encountered anyone like the wrecking machine that is Madame Vanquish before and boasting about her ability to the dominatrix is only going to go one way for the beauty - and that is badly!

The domina encourages the model to show her one of the “lots” of things she can do and Zoe is immediately introduced to the power and strength of her opponent.

Despite Zoe’s best efforts, Madame Vanquish is left laughing at her. Not only that, she taunts and mocks her by carrying out exercises while Zoe tries to attack!

Zoe is far from impressed but that is the least of her worries, especially when the powerhouse stops playing around and starts to attack the fresh meat that has been served up to her on a plate.

Madame Vanquish is strong, incredibly skilled and - most worryingly for all her opponents - remorseless in her pursuit of victory.

The air is soon filled with the screams and moans and groans coming from Zoe’s mouth as she starts to get worked over in a way we have seen all too often in recent months.

Zoe is put in leg locks, head locks, chokes, head scissors, body scissors, figure four locks, arm bars and an array of combination holds during the match.

To her credit, Zoe tries to resist and fight back but it looks like someone trying to stop a tsunami armed only with an umbrella as Madame Vanquish takes her apart with ease and glee.

The end is as savage and brutal as the rest of the match and Madame Vanquish celebrates over Zoe’s battered body. Can anyone stop this machine?!

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