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Zoe Page dominates Chicken Boy Dave - rematch

Chicken Boy Dave is an angry man. The last time he took on gorgeous Zoe Page, she humiliated him with an emphatic one-sided performance that left his knocked out on the mats.

But he is a man on a mission and he is gunning for revenge and finds Zoe undergoing a much needed workout in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

Dressed in his “Macho Man” pants, he startles the beauty and marches straight up to her to make the challenge, announcing “things were going to be different this time”.

The thing is, talk is cheap and in the wrestling world, the only thing that counts are your actions in the squared circle. Zoe does give him a way out by asking if he is sure because he is a “pure and utter weakling” but he flexes his big boy muscles and is ready to fight.

That is until she pinches the chicken wing on his arm before taking him down with a headlock that leaves his yelping and crying out in agony!

Despite all his big chat, Chicken Boy seems to have nothing in his locker to stop the onslaught that Zoe unleashes on him - something she does while flashing that beaming lovely smile of hers in the face of his agony.

She crushes him in painful body scissors, stretches his legs in angles they are not supposed to go, traps him under her with a schoolgirl pin, smothers him by planting her perfect ass in his battered face and chokes him by using the ring ropes to devastating effect.

Just like in their first encounter, her trash talk is as harsh and excruciating for Chicken Boy as the physical attacks and he really suffers on both counts!

By the end, his bold predictions and taunts are rammed down his throat while Zoe celebrates over his prone body!

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