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Yui Vanquished

For quite some time now, Madame Vanquish has been ruthlessly chewing up the girls on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster and spitting them out on to the mats.

So, the remorseless dominatrix always loves to be presented with fresh meat to help her continue her reign of terror!

Newbie Yui is a as confident as she is cute and shows absolutely no fear of the imposing rival standing opposite her and proudly tells Madame Vanquish that she can fight.

But this cuts no ice with the brutal one who, as tradition now dictates, invites her opponent to make the first move before laughing at their attempts and getting to work herself.

Yui is strong and determined but she has certainly not faced anyone with the sheer power and merciless desire to destroy as Madame Vanquish, who is keen to show off her array of punishing moves.

The dominatrix traps her in body scissors, arm bars, head locks, backbreakers, bear hugs, ankle locks, cross body pins and combination holds which have broken many a strong woman down.

And, like so many before her, Yui discovers that there is no let up in the attacks as Madame Vanquish keeps coming and coming and coming, hitting her with more and more new ways to cause the most amount of agony.

The sounds we hear as this ‘match’ goes on is the agonised cries of pain from Yui and the laughter and occasional comedy from the dominant one who of course is loving every second of this annihilation.

Yui struggles to mount any attacks or make any real impact as Madame Vanquish works her over good and proper!

Of course, the outcome of this bout was never in doubt from the first minute so it comes as no surprise that it ends brutally for Yui. Madame Vanquish enjoys her victory with evil glee as usual!

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