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Warrior Vanquished

The wonderful Warrior is big, strong and incredibly skilled and always ready to take on all comers whatever the challenge they might bring.

But she won’t have faced anyone quite like Madame Vanquish who has been a solo wrecking machine, leaving a trail of broken girls on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats behind her.

And the dominatrix clearly sees Warrior as just another victim as they size each other up at the start of this battle, despite the blond’s impressive physique and reputation as a top class, talented fighter!

Madame Vanquish is quick off the blocks and attacks Warrior from the start, startling her rival by lifting her up before taking her down and working her over - trapping her between those powerful legs.

Warrior fought hard to try to escape and seemed determined not to give in easily but even she had to succumb to the pain she was being subjected to.

But her pride and determination meant she wasn’t going to roll over easily and was soon on the attack herself, catching Madame Vanquish in an impressive camel clutch.

However this didn’t have the desired effect and the rampant dominatrix soon turned the tables and was back to her usual ways of dishing out nasty punishment!

Warrior found herself struggling in body scissors, arm bars, head locks, bear hugs, leg locks and combination holds which caused her immense pain and discomfort - much to Madame Vanquish’s delight.

She remained determined and kept doing her best to mount attacks of her own but found Madame Vanquish in irresistible and dominant form. Her confidence can’t have been helped hearing Vanquish laugh at her attacks either!

It’s rare to see someone as strong as Warrior woman-handled in such a way but that is exactly what Madame Vanquish delivers in this devastating performance. A must have in your collections!

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