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Warrior Humiliates Liam

We all know how awesomely talented and super strong the wonder Warrior whenever she steps onto the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

So serving up an opponent in the shape of the perma-sock wearing male fighter that is Liam was always likely to be a meal that she would devour with ease!

Her superiority was on display right from the start…and we mean literally right from the start as Warrior grabbed the startled prey and took him down to the mats and crushed his head between her powerful legs to induce the first submission within seconds!

If Liam had been nervous before the fight started, then we dread to think how he felt after that - especially as Warrior was clearly in a remorseless and relentless mood in her bid to collect as many tap outs as she could!

And if it wasn’t bad enough for him to have a powerful amazon physically taking him apart, she was also delighted to give him some verbal torture along the way too, coldly taunting him as she made him squirm and suffer!

The beauty was unleashing hell on Liam and he literally had no answer - apart from just grunting, groaning and moaning in agony before slapping the mats to momentarily escape her clutches.

She got him in body scissors, cross body pins, head scissors, arm bars, camel clutches, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, combination holds and even dropped knees on his belly!

Warrior was collecting so many submissions that we’d lost count with more than half the match still left to go!

We’d love to say Liam had his moments and did his best to get submissions of his own but, if we did, we’d be lying! This is the very definition of destruction and Warrior enjoyed every second. We’re not sure Liam did at the end though!

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