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Vox vs Miss Patricia - Sexy Oil Custom

Sexy Miss Patricia burst onto the wrestling scene and has been getting better and better and more confident each and every time she has stepped into Monica’s Wrestling Centre. Her confidence is sky high to such an extent that she is confident to declare to the beautiful and talented wrestler Vox that she is the better fighter of the two. Naturally, Vox doesn’t agree with Miss Patricia on this assessment and it isn’t long before a challenge is made and the two decide to battle to settle the matter in the Ring of Pain. But this is no ordinary wrestling match! The gorgeous pair strip to their skimpy bikinis and decide this will be an oil match to send the temperatures soaring higher than they already were! They squirt the necessary lubricant on each other’s bodies until their sexy bodies are glistening with the shine that oil brings.

But they soon discard the bottles and get to grips to one another to show just who is the better wrestler! The oil makes things very interesting indeed and Vox and Miss Patricia are soon slipping and sliding all over the ring, trying to execute some hard wrestling moves on one another to get those all important submissions. We see head locks, body scissors, leg locks, booty slaps, arm bars and combination holds as both ladies to their utmost to impose their authority onto proceedings. But they are able to slide out of moves a lot more because of the oil, which also makes the contest even faster paced than it already would have been! There are laughs and smiles but nothing detracts from the competitive nature both Vox and Miss Patricia possesses. Who comes out on top and backs up their words? Download this super sexy encounter to find out!

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