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Vox Gets Vanquished

Pro wrestler and ex-cage fighter Madame Vanquish seems to be on a mission to work her way through the MWC session wrestling roster and take all the names along the way.

Vox is the latest victim of this remorseless dominatrix who finds herself in the confined Mats of Doom room where there is no place to run and hide.

Madame Vanquish certainly doesn’t seem impressed with the opponent she has in front of her while Vox does her best - unconvincingly - to intimidate her rival.

In the blink of an eye, Madame Vanquish lifts Vox up with little effort and treats her to a nasty back breaker that shocks her victim to the core.

Within seconds, the room is reverberating to the sound of Vox’s cries of agony and her desperately tapping out when she finds herself caught in a Boston crab.

If Vox thought that was bad, she hadn’t seen or felt anything yet as Madame Vanquish was only warming up and getting started.

Vox finds herself caught in body scissors, head locks, schoolgirl pins, arm locks, figure four head locks, a variety of other pins, chokes, head scissors, camel clutches and painful ankle locks - all of which makes her increasingly cry out in agony.

Madame Vanquish is relentless, shows no pity whatsoever and enjoys every second of the destruction while Vox is more like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a juggernaut.

Despite her enthusiasm and desperate efforts to attack, Vox doesn’t trouble Madame Vanquish in the slightest and is merely cannon fodder for the vastly experienced and brilliant wrestler.

The end really cannot come soon enough for Vox as every second must feel like an hour at the brutal hands of Madame Vanquish.

She is battered and broken at the end, while Madame Vanquish enjoys her emphatic victory with a delightful pose!

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