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Veronica Venom vs Ruby Lix

The extremely strong and talented Veronica Venom always carries a look of confidence and, given the fearsome reputation she has earned over an amazing career, you can’t blame her.

But when she found herself standing opposite little Ruby Lix in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match-up, it came as no surprise her cockiness was greater than usual.

You see, Ruby Lix might be an enthusiastic wrestler who never shirks a challenge whether it is big or small but she is also pint sized and always finds herself giving up a lot of height and weight to her rivals.

Venom is in a gloriously taunting mood too, allowing Ruby to get the first attack in as she stands against a corner turnbuckle. But when Ruby’s little leg can’t help her choke Venom with her foot, she finds a torrent of mocking coming her way.

Of course, Venom is no comedian though. She specialises in brutal beatdowns and harsh lessons of pain and she soon got to work here.

She forced Ruby into the corner and attacked her in a variety of ways before underlining her dominance with a nasty stink face to her helpless victim.

And this was merely a taste of things to come for poor Ruby. Venom continued to insult both verbally and physically, enjoying every moment of pain she inflicted.

Ruby suffered wedgies, leg locks, take downs, breast smothers, knees to the stomach, punches, scissors and combination holds which forced her to cry out in agony.

Even when Ruby attacked and got holds locked on, Venom seemed to find them amusing and just laughed them off before escaping and going on the attack again!

This was a brutal one-sided beatdown and Venom certainly made sure Ruby felt every last second of it!

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