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Venom vs Supernova

It sure is exciting when two powerhouses climb into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain to clash in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ war!

And that is exactly what we have here in the shape of strong beauties Venon and Supernova, who have every reason to be confident in their power and skills whenever they step into the squared circle.

And they are certainly both aware of each other’s strengths as they acknowledge it, agreeing they are evenly matched before getting it on. So the importance of getting any kind of edge to gain an advantage cannot be over-stated.

This was certainly not lost on sneaky Venom as she decided to play dirty from the start, sucking Supernova in for a ‘friendly’ pre-fight handshake before launching a sneak attack and getting her foe on the canvas!

But if the blonde thought this was enough against someone like her opponent, she was soon made to think again as supernova soon got the opportunity to demonstrate she wasn’t just there to make up the numbers!

And this sets things up nicely as both Venom and Supernova start knocking lumps out of one another in this intriguing and exciting clash!

We see head locks, body scissors, camel clutches, head scissors and combination holds as well as some nasty looking kicks and dirty attacks thrown in amongst the more skilful moves!

Both are proud warriors and the trash talking that accompanies the action is just as strong as the moves which cause each of them so much pain during the battle.

Both Supernova and Venom seem to ramp up their efforts the longer the match goes on as they clearly want to demonstrate who is the boss.

Naturally the ending is hard and the winner is clearly delighted with her work and happy to celebrate in the face of the loser!

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