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Venom vs Luna K

The energetic Luna K has taken the Shiny Pro Ring Girls world by storm and she is always ready for action whenever she steps into the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain.

But she most certainly needs all her energy and ability in this one as she faces one of her sternest tests to date when she takes on the vicious and unforgiving legend that is Venom.

The smaller Luna seems confident and even blows a kiss to her fans before they get started but she soon has second thoughts as the imposing opponent backs her into a corner and starts to work her over in the early seconds!

The source of her incredible ire seems to be Luna’s refusal to blow her a kiss too after she had delivered for her supporters!

Venom seems to have domination in mind as she seems to want to overwhelm her rival and make her endure her arsenal of weaponry in the squared circle.

She skilfully applied arm bars, head locks, kicks to the stomach, body scissors, Boston crabs, ankle locks and combination holds to great effect. There was also her running commentary delivered in a sweet voice but somehow sounding far more ominous and menacing!

But Luna K is no shrinking violet and there is no way on earth she was just going to allow her self to be a doormat for Venom to walk over as she fought hard and got her own moments on the offensive!

However, each time she did get Venom into a spot of bother she just seemed to stir the hornet’s nest and provoke vicious Venom into attacking her with even greater gusto.

Venom kept cranking it up and she got her sought after submission in a rather brutal way to secure her victory, leaving Luna licking her wounds on the canvas!

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