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Vanquished Gauntlet - Part Two

Shocked at seeing her partner Cheetah easily defeated and the first part of their plan fall to pieces, Ivy Rain is angry! She wants revenge and she is determined to make Madame Vanquish pay!

Like many of us, gorgeous Ivy has had to sit and watch this relentless dominatrix destroy the MWC roster and she was convinced she and Cheetah would be the ones to stop her.

As Madame Vanquish walked away from leaving Cheetah easily defeated, Ivy calls her out and tells her “this is for all the girls that came before. This is for Cheetah!”

She goes on the attack, grabs her in a headlock and leaps up, wrapping her powerful legs around Madame Vanquish’s body and starts to squeeze hard.

Only, the dominatrix doesn’t flinch. In fact, her only reaction is to laugh. “That was for Cheetah? This is for me!” She scoops Ivy up and delivers a back breaker which made all of us wince!

Naturally, it doesn’t end there. Madame Vanquish clearly wants to teach this upstart a lesson like she did Cheetah for daring to challenge her and vowing to stop her trail of destruction.

Ivy is made to endure all sorts of pain through head locks, body scissors, bear hugs, ankle locks, arm bars and locks that have her wailing and crying out in sheer pain - something made worse by the maniacal laughing and taunts from Madame Vanquish. She even licks and plays around with Ivy’s hair!

This is a truly brutal beating from start to finish and the dominatrix certainly enjoys teaching this whipper snapper a hard lesson.

By the end, and to the absolute surprise of absolutely no-one, Ivy goes the same way as her partner in crime Cheetah - out!

Speaking of Cheetah, Madame Vanquish brings her back on to the mats so she can pose over both of their prone bodies!

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