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Vanquished Gauntlet - Part One

Oh, the bravery and fearlessness of youth! Beauties Ivy Rain and Cheetah have decided they have had enough of Madame Vanquish’s reign of terror and want to put an end to it.

Ivy confidently tells the dominatrix that is time for Vanquish to get Vanquished and they are the girls to do it! She sends Cheetah into battle first to take down the imposing Amazon.

Throughout this, Madame Vanquish is unimpressed and pretty much laughs in their faces. This only escalates when she grabs Cheetah and starts rag dolling her around in a bear hug.

Despite Ivy’s encouragement from the sidelines, Cheetah soon starts filling the air with her screams as Madame Vanquish gets to work, relentlessly trying to punish her for her bravery.

Even when the little spitfire tries to go on the attack, you sense the green-haired dominatrix isn’t breaking sweat to repel her. In fact, she just laughs and taunts in poor Cheetah’s face!

The suffering comes in the form of a variety of moves by Madame Vanquish including more bear hugs, head locks, body scissors, arm bars, head scissors and ankle locks that really bring a whole load of hurting to the gorgeous wildcat.

Cheetah is feisty and keeps on attacking but it’s all to no avail as Madame Vanquish simply bides her time, waiting to break out and strike back.

Ivy keeps on cheering on her partner and friend but the dominatrix seems to be the one who is inspired by them the most!

It was clear early on that perhaps Cheetah had bitten off more than she can chew and this point is emphasised more and more as the beat down continues.

Much to Ivy’s horror, Cheetah ends up out cold. One day Madame Vanquish might be stopped but it certainly didn’t happen here!

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