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Thunder Vanquished

With her relentless destruction of the MWC roster, the dominant Madame Vanquish has been enjoying herself very much at the expense of our girls.

Given the way she has cut through the group, it was time to call upon a big strong amazon to take on this destroyer of women and put an end to her reign of terror.

Thunder from Down Under is as tough and imposing as she looks and she was certainly not going to be intimidated by the confident dominatrix who was facing her on the other side of Monica’s mats!

In fact, both ladies looked excited by the prospect of clashing and buzzed little time in getting it on in this battle of the titans.

The signs looked good at the start when cocky Madame Vanquish invited the Kiwi to attack and found herself being taken down by her latest challenger.

However, just when we started to get excited about the domina being put in her place, her trademark laugh was heard and she was soon fighting her way out of what looked like a good hold.

Suddenly, it was Thunder who was being given a reality check at Madame Vanquish started to work her over and inflict all kinds of pain on her - making Thunder into screaming the place down.

Each time Thunder attacked and got her trusty head or leg scissors on - which have taken down many tough fighters over the years - she was left shocked as her rival turned the tables after fighting out of them.

There was plenty of trash talking and some underhand moves (since when has biting someone’s bum been legitimate?!) as the fight went on.

But despite arguably being Madame Vanquish’s toughest opponent to date (and she definitely had her in a few tight spots of trouble!), it is Thunder who is left out on the mats. Can anyone stop Madame Vanquish?!

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