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Teddy Humiliates Wimpy Ivan

Now, Wimpy Ivan didn’t get that nickname by mistake - it fits him perfectly! But we’re certain he is trying to shake off that reputation each and every time he steps on to the mats for Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

And what better way to achieve that by taking on an excellent fighter in the shape of Teddy and showing her that he is no pushover and isn’t just there to be dominated and destroyed.

If that, indeed, was his intention then the dream lasted about two seconds - the in which is took awesome teddy to take him down and get on top of him to start her annihilation!

At first he was pinned but teddy was clearly in the mood to make him suffer more and so she manoeuvred herself into position to execute a body scissor and head lock combination to quickly bring about his first submission. This was set to be a long match for Wimpy!

Things certainly didn’t get any better for him either when a really nasty looking arm bar made him moan loudly in agony and tap out to put an end to the ordeal!

Ivan was looking even inch the wimp we’ve come to expect him to be while Teddy just seemed to be licking her lips at the prospect of inflicting more damage!

She did this with great ease and relish, hitting him with guillotines, head locks, head scissors, schoolgirl pins, body scissors, reverse scissors, an array of pins and combination holds which give Wimpy Ivan no choice but to tap out from to escape.

He offers no resistance, let alone form of attack, to put Teddy under any pressure and she almost effortlessly executes everything she wants to make him suffer.

She brutally finishes him off and celebrates with great glee over his prone and pain-filled body at the end.

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