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Teddy Humiliates Ragdoll Sam

Things are tough enough for the weak little men who step into the world of Monica’s Wrestling Centre and find themselves up against the strong female athletes.

So it gets even more difficult for the poor little dears when they come up against a no-nonsense strong female athlete who is clearly determined to keep the chat to a minimum and get on with the task ahead!

Teddy is such a woman. A polite handshake is the best her victim Ragdoll Sam gets before he finds her leaping on to him with the aim of taking him down and working him over.

And take him down she does, getting on top of him as he lays flat on the mats and beings her domination with a pin.

Teddy looks as good as she wrestles and starts demonstrating her skills with a powerful and painful looking body scissor to Ragdoll’s exposed torso.

To his credit, he does well to withstand the one-sided attacks in terms of not submitting easily but the agony is etched all over his face and Teddy knows it’s a matter of when and not if he will start begging for mercy.

More scissors, arm bars, head locks, guillotines, ankle locks, choke holds and combination moves are all performed with precision and Ragdoll increasingly feels the strain of Teddy’s relentless attacking tactics.

Naturally, the submissions follow too as whatever futile resistance he had been digging deep to put up simply fall away in the face of such a brutal beating.

Ragdoll Sam lives up to his moniker as he offers nothing in terms of offensive moves and instead finds himself battered at Teddy’s will!

Needless to say, it is no surprise to see him flat out and destroyed on the mats while a delighted Teddy poses over his battered body!

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