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Teddy Dominates Ragdoll Sam - Rematch

The last time these two met for Monica’s Wrestling Centre, Ragdoll Sam lived up to his nickname as powerful Teddy threw him about and did as she pleased with the puny little man.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to see Ragdoll had come back for more with revenge clearly on his mind as he looked to right the wrongs which had happened last time out.

And he is no mood to mess around either! As soon as Teddy - who was minding her own business working out - notices him come in she has to go straight into action as Sam launches an attack as soon as his feet step on the mats.

But gorgeous Teddy is more than ready for him and easily gets him under control and pinned beneath her strong body, contemplating what she is going to do to him for daring to darken her doorstep for a second time.

Ragdoll looks up at her helplessly and we can’t help thinking he had a ‘what on earth have I got myself into here’ look on his worried face!

Not that Teddy really cares for his fears. He stepped into her arena and she is going to deal with the intruder in a rather skilful way.

He soon finds his head being squeezed between her thunder thighs, trapped in a guillotine, having his torso crushed in a body scissor, trapped in an array of pins as well as being caught in combination holds that bring multiple amounts of pain!

It goes without saying that this was a revenge mission that seemed doomed to fail right from the start and Ragdoll gave us nothing to think he would succeed at any point!

Teddy is ruthless from start to finish and her no nonsense approach extends to her victory celebration at the end as she poses briefly over his battered body!

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