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Tamsin Riley Vanquished

Gorgeous Tamsin is one of a number of bright young things who have lit up the wrestling world after recently bursting on the scene, taking on some great challenges and winning more and more fans.

But nothing could possibly have prepared her for coming up against the one and only Madame Vanquish when they met on the mats at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

The dominatrix really needs no introduction as she has wreaked havoc on the roster by taking apart all of the girls who have bravely set foot in her domain. And this was no different as she eyed up some fresh meat!

The shocked scream Tamsin emits when Madame Vanquish scoops her up at the start of this sets the tone for this whole contest.

Tamsin struggles and does her best to evade the Madame’s clutches but she inevitably is made to suffer in a number of different - and very painful - ways. Psychologically, it’s also not the best to hear Vanquish laughing when Tamsin tries to implement her own moves!

Tamsin has to ensure head locks, body scissors, leg locks, arm bars, head scissors, cross body pins and combination holds as Vanquish goes through her huge arsenal of wrestling weaponry to really put the young starlet through the grinder.

The air is filled with Tamsin’s shrieks and cries of pain as she learns just what it’s like to be caught in Madame Vanquish’s trap.

The dominatrix, on the other hand, is in her element. Doing what she does best and having fun punishing

It’s a long and hard experience for spirited Tamsin who was probably grateful when her suffering was officially over at the end. And, as her conquerer reminded her, she was well and truely Vanquished…just like so many before her have been!

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