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Supernova vs Ivy Rain

Given her size and supreme confidence, Supernova sometimes has her opponents beat before they are even facing her in a fight!

But Ivy Rain is not the sort to be easily intimidated by anyone and she steps up nose to nose with her bigger foe in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

“I hate to break it to you but you’re really not going to enjoy this!” Exquisite Ivy has the eye of the tiger look in her eye as she matches Supernova in the verbal jousting before launching an attack to catch her by surprise.

It’s a good effort, securing a tight headlock on Supernova, but it becomes apparent it will take a lot more to take down the bigger fighter as she manages to battle out of it and send Ivy crashing to the canvass!

Suddenly Supernova is all over Ivy and it looks like she is going to overwhelm her and secure an easy victory for herself.

But Ivy’s initial confidence wasn’t there without any foundation - this girl can wrestle and she soon shocks Supernova and almost gets a pin fall after chopping her larger foe down to size.

This sparks an exciting back and forth contest with both ladies dishing out some serious punishment - both through traditional wrestling moves as well as nasty brawling techniques.

And both Ivy Rain and Supernova show how tough they really are by absorbing the said punishment and managing to fight back.

The ladies give it their all and you can see the effect their sheer effort and the fighting is having on them as they draw towards an exciting conclusion with the result in the balance.

But did Supernova get the victory she was sure of or did Ivy Rain back up her pre-match confident prediction? Download to find out!

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