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Supernova vs Autumn Rose

Pitting two super confident and talented grapplers in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain was never going to fail and Supernova And Autumn Rose didn’t disappoint.

You could see both of these great fighters were itching to get it on in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match and after a few polite verbal exchanges, they locked up and went at it!

Supernova has an obvious size advantage but she wasn’t taking this lightly by any stretch of the imagination and Autumn Rose herself boldly declared she was ready for a David v Goliath encounter and wasn't backing down.

But, at first, it seemed as if Supernova would overwhelm her opponent as she took control of the early exchanges and looked to dominate from the start and make a serious statement.

Instead, Autumn Rose was as good as her word and she took what her posing foe threw at her and absorbed it before hitting her with her now punishing moves!

Any notion that one would dominate the other was booted out of the arena in no time and instead we saw two proud battlers giving it their all in search of an uplifting and very impressive victory to add to their already impressive records!

Supernova and Autumn Rose execute head locks, body scissors, clubbing blows to the torso, roll up pin attempts, arm bars, head scissors and combination holds in their pursuit of that noteworthy win.

They are also not averse to using the odd dirty tactics along the way in an attempt to gain the advantage after many near pin falls narrowly fail to get the job done!

It takes something astonishingly brutal to end this and the beauty who emerges victorious sure is pleased with herself, leaving her fallen rival to rue a close but missed opportunity for a famous win!

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