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Supernova Squashes Rosie

Ravishing Rosie is a fearless and ever improving fighter who seems to be getting better and better in every challenge she takes on.

But she was facing truly the toughest of challenges in the shape of the impressive and imposing powerhouse that is Supernova, who brought her significant size advantage into the Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

And the tone was set right from the start when Rosie opted to mess around when Supernova invited her to go in for a test of strength.

As soon as she was in her clutches, Rosie had Supernova’s menacing and ominous “Cute but I’m not here to play…” statement ringing in her ears as she was brought to her knees for the start of what must have felt like a very long match!

Supernova was in the mood to dish out some serious punishment and it was poor Rosie who was in the wrong place at the wrong time on this occasion.

The bigger dominant woman started working her over with no remorse or let up and seemed to be determined to make a serious statement with this destructive performance.

Rosie looked and sounded increasingly desperate as the match wore on as she tried but ultimately failed to escape her punisher’s clutches and get any meaningful offence going of her own.

Supernova twists her up like a pretzel at will and also had her in head locks, body scissors, camel clutches, face sitting, ankle locks, combination holds as well as dropping elbows onto her victim’s helpless body.

To add insult to injury, Supernova delivers a string of vicious verbals to go with the vicious beatdown throughout Rosie’s ordeal.

The ending was as painful for the red head as the rest of the match was with Supernova enjoying a spectacular finish to record an emphatic victory!

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