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Storm vs Rogue

When you have two sexy blondes donning wrestling one pieces and boots to do battle in Monica’s Ring of Pain, it can only mean one thing: another super Shiny Pro Ring Girls fight!

The formidable Storm comes into the match with a lot of experience but Rogue was more than just a fresh faced rookie and was obviously determined to show that.

And she couldn't have made a better start! Firstly, by not being naive enough to enter a test of strength with Storm and then resisting her rival’s attack and instead showing what she had by sending Storm head first into the turnbuckle!

If Storm didn’t already know she was in for a fight, she did now and this was further underlined when Rogue resisted yet another of her attacks and launch one of her own.

Suddenly, they were struggling all over the ring and exchanging move after move in a pulsating and red hot battle which got more impressive with each passing second.