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Storm vs Cheetah

There is always something exciting about putting a young up and coming star against an experienced talent who has forged a great reputation.

And that’s exactly what we were treated two when blonde bombshells Storm and Cheetah decided to do battle in the squared circle for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls contest!

Storm has the confidence of a seasoned pro but even she was surprised by the enthusiasm of Cheetah who seemed keen to live up to her wildcat name.

However, Storm is more than just a pretty face and she demonstrated her power early on to let Cheetah know she was in for one hell of a tough challenge.

Not only did she unleash her repertoire of wrestling ability, Storm showed she isn’t adverse to deploying some dark arts to make her opponents suffer along the way!

But Cheetah is not the sort who buckles easily and she was clearly determined to make Storm respect her by launching some of her own attacks which had her experienced rival on the back foot.

Both girls exchanged body scissors, camel clutches, arm bars, a number of different pins and combination holds throughout the match. A stink face might not be a classical move but it certainly had the desired effect too!

There was plenty on moans and groans in pain as well as some taunting and trash talking as Storm and Cheetah battled hard trying to get that all important victory.

Despite the very best efforts of her rival, one of the women does emerge as a winner and she uses a rather inventive and impressive way to pin her opponent and get the three count!

The winner knows she has secured an excellent win and she certainly doesn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate over her defeated foe! A well earned victory following a superb and exciting fight!

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