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Storm vs Chaos

The expectation was sky-high for this England v Scotland Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter between two uber-stong, uber-sexy and uber-skilled fighters and we certainly weren’t let down.

You could see the confidence in both as they squared up in the middle of the ring with both obviously keen to get one over the other.

Storm - who has a wealth of wrestling experience to her advantage - was quick to make a pun on their names which only added to the anticipation before they immediately locked fingers and engaged in a test of strength.

And it is the blonde Storm who thinks she gets the early advantage with a bear hug. But Chaos fights her way free to demonstrate she isn’t just there to be cannon fodder. “I thought this was going to be easy!” Well, you thought wrong Storm!

Every time Storm thinks she is on top, Chaos not only counters her attacks but launches her own which certainly make the impact she is hoping for.

It’s a fabulous back and forth battle which sees the girls exchange arm bars and locks, head scissors, ankle locks, head locks, grapevine pins combination holds and more tests of strengths. We even see wrestlers sent into the corner turnbuckle and trapped by a foot to the throat as the intensity was ramped up a few notches!

Both Storm and Chaos wear contorted expressions throughout the contest as they look to earn an impressive win and the bragging rights from this war.

The all important winning moment comes when one of the fighters finally manages to get on top and secure a pin and three count which the other almost battled out of in time.

Sadly for the loser, she didn’t battle out in time and instead is made to endure the winner’s proud taunts and victory poses over her prone body!

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