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Spitfire vs Storm

There is nothing like two confident beauties striding to Monica’s Ring of Pain with an obvious desire to demonstrate their pro-wrestling skills.

Beauties Spitfire and Storm are two such ladies and despite the big beaming smiles and poses, it soon becomes apparent that these two are ready for a serious fight!

And an all out war is what we are treated too! They strut out beaming with confidence and it is clear there is tension with some trash talk being exchanged as they circle one another.

But as soon as things get physical, both Spitfire and Storm go all out to brutally beat one another and make the other suffer from unbearable pain!

The aptly named Spitfire starts off the quicker of the two, getting her rival into a rather painful looking arm lock only to find it’ll take more than that to stop Storm - who wastes little times escaping and turning the tables to execute a head lock.

This early exchange tells us that this is going to be an exciting encounter and we are certainly not disappointed as the two athletes get to work on one another.

There are some impressive super skills on show, just as you’d expect from two incredible talents, but also a little bit of dirty moves to demonstrate how badly each wants to have this win under her spandex!

We see them pushed into turnbuckles and boots thrust into throats, knees to the belly, head locks, the ropes used to devastating effect, ankle locks, camel clutches, wrist locks and combination holds that have the desired painful effect.

It is a thrilling back and forth battle which leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering which of Spitfire and Storm will come out on top.

The ending is as brutal as the rest of the battle and the winning girl certainly enjoys her success over her prone foe!

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