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Spice vs Rosie

Curvy beauty Spice is one of the most formidable wrestlers on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster and she certainly isn't shy about demonstrating her ability on our mats!

Despite giving up size and experience, Gorgeous Rosie is a willing wrestler and she was more than happy to take on this challenge.

But showing willingness to try and being able to execute those plans are two entirely different things and Spice was in her usual clinical and professional mood.

They initially started off rolling around a bit in a battle but once those powerful legs of Spice found their way around Rosie’s upper body, the blonde babe had no option but to submit.

Things didn't get any easier from that point either and a nasty looking arm bar helped double the advantage for Spice.

But just as it looked like she was being overwhelmed and struggling, Rosie showed just what she has got when she managed to execute a body scissor of her own to let Spice know she isn’t just there to be cannon fodder for her!

Those kind of incidents sometimes only serve to awaken the beast in a supreme fighter like Spice and sure enough, Rosie’s reprove was brief.

There were head scissors, cross body pins, more body scissors, breast smothers, head locks and combinations that made Rosie moan and groan in agony as attack after attack was thrown at her.

However, Rosie kept fighting hard and the odd scissor of her own certainly had an effect and made sure Spice knew this was a real contest!

Despite the valiant efforts by Rosie, this was definitely Spice’s day and she proved just why she is one of most gifted on the mats.

She certainly looked happy with her well-earned success at the end of this fabulous contest between two enthusiastic and beautiful fighters!

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