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Spice vs Princess Nikki

There are very few things more exciting than watching two talented fighters itching to get their hands on one another, battling in a tight confined space!

Beauties Spice and Princess Nikki faced off against one another in the tiny Mats of Doom Room at Monica’s Wrestling Centre and there were fireworks immediately as they wasted no time in getting the match on!

There is an obvious size difference between the pair with curvy Spice having a considerable advantage over the smaller Nikki but the blonde didn’t seem even the slightest bit fazed by it.

Both of them flew at one another as they battled hard and fast on their feet in the opening exchanges, looking for that opening which would give them the advantage.

When the action went to the mats, the action didn’t slow up as both ladies fought hard to try to get the advantage - eventually one of them getting a hard earned submission with a head lock.

And the pace of the match didn’t let up as both Nikki and Spice continued to fight as if there was no tomorrow, even as the hot and tiny space they were wrestling in began to make them sweaty!

Such was the intensity that both of these ladies had to battle wardrobe malfunctions to stop their considerable assets escaping too often!

We saw body scissors, head locks, breast smothers, a variety of pins, tests of strength, head scissors and combination holds as the pair gave it everything they got from start to finish.

It was a hard, tough battle which saw Spice and Nikki give it their all, even as they finally started to tire towards the end of the fight.

There was a clear winner at the end but the respect between the pair was clear in their warm embrace! An outstanding fight!

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