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Spice vs Little Dave

You’ve got to love the bravery of our fearless Little warrior Dave! Despite all the beatdowns he has endured, he always comes back ready for more!

This time he was back and had long-awaited revenge on his mind as he lined up against the sumptuous Spice on the MWC mats.

The little man with the big mouth is quick to call her “Scary Spice” and inform her that he has been demanding this match for three years, only to be left convinced that the beauty is too scared to face him.

Spice, naturally, is not impressed or even the slightest bit phased by his ramblings and instead wastes no time at all taking him down and trapping his head between her powerful thighs.

He calls her “lucky” but that and his puny attempts at escaping only succeed in making his far stronger opponent laugh.

Things get worse for him, of course, because Spice is in the mood to dish out pain and she is hungry for his cries of pain.

Little Dave is made to desperately and frantically tap out to body scissors, school girl pins and more head scissors.

There is a hilarious moment when he thinks he has her pinned but he barely makes a one count before Spice gets her shoulder up!

Instead the punishment continues with more scissors, head locks, arm bars, Boston crabs, smothers and often combinations of a variety of moves that have Little Dave spluttering and struggling.

The arena is filled with little dave desperate squeals and moans and groans - although these are punctuated by Spice’s sweet taunts and insults!

The inevitable end soon comes with Little Dave completely out and destroyed while Spice celebrates one of the easiest wins of her career by victory posing over his carcass!

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