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Spice Vanquished

So far, no woman - whether they are big or small, rookie or experienced - has been able to stop the relentless and remorseless wrecking machine that is Madame Vanquish.

All the challengers on Monica’s Wrestling Centre have confidently stepped onto the mats to face her before being utterly destroyed, humiliated and left broken by the powerhouse.

Sensational Spice is the latest fighter to step up to the mark and she certainly doesn’t lack the confidence or the aggression needed to take on such a formidable rival.

But like many before her, she soon finds out that despite her own impressive strength and skills, Madame Vanquish is on a whole new level!

Sexy Spice attacks and takes the dominatrix down to the mats but is soon left bemused as she has the blonde’s menacing laugh ringing in her ears.

Despite Spice having her trapped between her crushing thighs and applying a headlock that would end many a tough wrestler, she is merely met with sarcasm about the “pain” Madame Vanquish is feeling.

The spirit Spice shows is immense and she matches her foe for a sustained period time (including cheeky slaps of the bum!). But then Madame Vanquish cranks up the pain and soon has Spice exactly where she wants her.

The beauty is forced to endure body crushing scissors, bear hugs, arm locks, leg locks and nasty head locks - all of which have Spice screaming in agony and desperate to escape from.

She continues to fight hard though, very impressively, though and it’s not a walk in the park for the dominatrix as she often experiences.

But this only spurs Madame Vanquish to punish even harder and the end is as brutal as anything we’ve seen her do to all her previous opponents.

She taunts and celebrates over Spice’s prone body, adding another name to her ever-growing list of MWC victims.

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