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Spice v Little Dave - rematch

“Once bitten, twice shy” is how the saying goes but it’s a phrase we’re not entirely sure Little Dave understands or has ever come across.

Because despite getting his little ass handed to him on a plate by the delectable Spice when they met on the mats, he’s back for more! Fool!

This time, he interrupts the sassy fighter as she is minding her own business working out in the MWC Ring of Pain.

Wearing his shiny pants, he marches up to Spice demanding a rematch because she was “lucky” last time and proudly informs her that he is a star.

However, in a surprise to absolutely no-one, he is soon left seeing stars as Spice takes him up on his remarkable challenge and gets straight into working his little body over.

“Are you sure you want a rematch?” Spice asks as she’s laughing at him and judging by his anguished cries when she traps him in a body scissor, we’re pretty sure he’s regretting his bright idea within seconds!

Little Dave is really put through the mincer by a rampant Spice who tortures him a variety of moves including head scissors, arm bars, head locks, schoolgirl pins, face sits, more body scissors - all delivered with the required amount of trash talking!

She is unrelenting in her desire to make him suffer and suffer he does as he has no answer to the onslaught and instead cries and wails and squeals his way through the severe beatdown.

Meanwhile, Spice is clearly enjoying herself as she goes through her fine repertoire of skills to make him regret challenging her in as many different ways as possible.

It comes as no surprise to see Spice enjoying a victory pose over his beaten body, but the beauty isn’t quite finished as she “treats” him to some bonus punishment to end it all!

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