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Skye Vanquished

The relentless wrecking machine that is Madame Vanquish has been leaving a trail of MWC wrestlers in her wake during a campaign of destruction in London.

So it seemed the right moment to take her up north to see how some of the girls at the Wrestling Factory roster fared against the dominatrix and whether they could stop this juggernaut causing more damage.

Skye is a relative newcomer to Pippa L’Vinn’s books but you can bet your life she hasn’t come up against many opponents like this one!

Madame Vanquish isn’t just strong and skilful. She is relentless and has a sadistic desire to inflict as much pain, suffering and embarrassment on anyone who dares to step on the same mats as her.

As we have seen often before, the dominatrix invited Skye to get the first attack in, which the beauty did…only to find out, like so many before her, that is no guarantee of success.

Instead, Madame Vanquish lifted her up as if she was nothing and proceeded to start to take her apart in her own unique way.

Soon, the air was being filled with the cries of pain coming from Skye as Madame Vanquish ramped up the pressure and pain through her vast array of attacking options.

This came in the form of ankle locks, bear hugs, body scissors, arm bars and combination holds that always make us wince.

Another thing Skye was introduced to was the evil look of pleasure the dominatrix flashed at her as she inflicted more and more hurting on her!

Skye put in some serious effort and, to her credit, almost seemed to have Madame Vanquish in a spot of bother once or twice.

But these were fleeting moments of hope and by the end, her efforts were to no avail as Madame Vanquish celebrated over her prone body.

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