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Shelby Destroys Cocky Gary - Rematch

Oh Gary. If at first you don’t succeed…remember how and why you failed last time and for god’s sake run for your life!

Sadly, Gary didn’t listen to our advice and instead insisted he could put right all that went wrong last time he faced the irrepressible Shelby Beach in a wrestling match.

We are convinced that the ropes of the ring have some sort of hallucinogenic effect on him as whenever he gets near them, he genuinely believes he can beat highly skilled, fit and awesome fighters such as super Shelby!

Newsflash: he can’t! Instead, he finds that Shelby is as determined as ever and, in fact, seems to be the one who is inspired by the ring setting as she grabs him immediately and starts the torture session.

In fact, it all seems more brutal than their last encounter as Shelby trash talks him more and ramps up the agony he has to suffer with each move.

She doesn’t need a second invitation to get him in head locks, arm bars, arm locks, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, head scissors and chokes.

His cries of pain echo around the room and and that is like music to her ears as she clearly enjoys making him suffer from her handiwork.

At no point is Gary even able to try to attack himself as Shelby is all over him and in control every second of every minute of the “match”.

Many times, his big head is turned tomato red from the intense pressure that is being applied to it by a legend who is at the top of her game.

And as she stands over Gary’s destroyed body at the end, Shelby delivers some harsh words which are probably going to be ringing in his ears for some time to come!

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