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Shelby Beach Destroys Cocky Gary

It’s takes a fair amount of guts and bucketloads of stupidity for any man to take on the fabulous Shelby Beach on the wrestling mats.

Gary certainly ticks those boxes as he steps up to face the immense amazon, probably thinking he actually has a chance of making an impression (let alone beating!) such a legend.

Sadly for him, exquisite Shelby doesn’t even give him the chance to go through his usual trash talk as she is on him in a flash and seems determined to dish out a severe beating and teach him a lesson he will never forget!

She quickly and easily gets him down on the mats and while he is moaning and trying to recover his bearings, Shelby is crushing his head in a lock before pinning him beneath her!

“Come on, are you tapping?” Yes, he is Shelby. And there are plenty more of those as far as Gary is concerned. In fact, he seems to be giving her submissions like Santa gives out Christmas presents during the course of the whole match.

Poor Gary has no answer to her onslaught as she goes through her full arsenal of weaponry that has him struggling, gasping for breath and rethinking his life choices.

She gets him in excruciating arm bars, crushing head and body scissors, vicious head locks and a series of debilitating pins amongst an array of moves and holds she traps him in.

Shelby is vastly experienced and she still approaches each match with a freshness and enthusiasm which spells danger for her opponents.

Soon, Gary is beyond help and his battered body is little more than target practice for the super skilled Shelby, who takes full advantage.

We really don’t need to tell you how this one ended up. But we will say it was gloriously brutal by Shelby!

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