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Sheena totally destroys skinny Andrew!

Sensational Sheena has been kicking butt and taking names across the wrestling world since she burst on the scene.

The sexy martial artist and powerhouse has used her immense speed, skill and strength to defeat many of the best wrestlers in the business.

So why perennial loser Andrew thought it would be a good idea for him to square up to her on the MWC mats is beyond anyone’s comprehension!

He even tells a highly amused Sheena that he is “ready” when they are facing off at the start of their fight.

But in the blink of an eye Andrew discovered that, while she has a totally cute, gorgeous and friendly smile, Sheena shows no mercy to any opponent in her matches regardless of who they might be!

Within seconds, she effortlessly traps him between her powerful legs and his moans and groans in pain are echoing around the arena.

Sheena taunts him in her delightful Eastern European accent which makes her seem like a Bond girl villain ready to crush her enemy.

Andrew has absolutely no answer to her as she does what she wants, how she wants and whenever she wants with his weak frame with moves including figure four locks, schoolgirl pins, head scissors, grapevine pins, arm bars and even choking him with her calf!

She embarrasses him further by constantly letting him free from her holds and allowing him to regroup, before she brings on the pain in different ways!

Andrew screams the venue down and constantly seeks salvation in the form of submissions but he’s just delaying the inevitable as she destroys him.

The end is no less devastating than the beat down Sheena had handed him as she puts him to sleep and celebrates with a well-deserved victory pose over his battered and broken body.

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