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Sheena squashes Cheetah

Exciting new MWC girl Cheetah is already making a splash and throwing herself into wrestling with enthusiasm, zest and plenty of skill.

But she was thrown into one of the biggest challenges she will ever face when Monica put her up against the formidable and extremely powerful Sheena!

Sheena certainly loves fresh meat to sink her teeth into and this time was no different as she circled her prey and licked her lips at the prospect of showing Cheetah her own claws!

Not that Cheetah was phased however. The beautiful Bulgarian is no shrinking violet and she was ready to show her bigger and more experienced rival everything she had.

She tried to use her pace and flexibility to shock gorgeous Sheena and, for a little while, Sheena had trouble grabbing hold of the live-wire as she ducked and dived out of her grasp.

But Sheena is prepared for everything when she sets foot on to the mats and this was no different as she finally pinned down the spitfire.

Sheena then introduced Cheetah to her full repertoire which included breast smothers, head locks, a variety of pins, body scissors, grapevines and bear hugs.

Throughout the contest, Sheena taunted her smaller rival, often calling her “little girl” and mocking her as she tried to escape the holds she found herself trapped in.

Cheetah was enjoying herself too though, especially as she squirmed and escaped the clutches of her bigger foe on numerous occasions.

But ultimately, she wasn’t able to get much offence in and found herself being woman-handled by the far stronger Sheena on more than one occasion during this fun encounter.

The result of this one was never in doubt but Cheetah showed there is plenty of fight and fire in her belly and she is a cat with sharp claws…and teeth!

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