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Sheena kicks Andrew Arse-Custom

The sheer power and skills of beautiful Sheena has ensured she has left a trail of battered and broken bodies in her wake whenever she has performed on the MWC mats.

But what’s this? Sheena offering to give Andrew a massage as he sits there looking tired and in need of a relaxing pick me up? Has she gone soft on us all? Say it isn’t so!!

Thankfully, that is not the case and instead the exquisite Eastern European was merely lulling her poor victim into a false sense of security before she began his destruction!

Instead of massaging him with her healing hands, Sheena decides to massage him with her biceps, wrapping her incredibly strong arms around Andrew’s soon to be squashed head and applying intense pressure.

He is whining and tapping out in no time while Sheena wears a relaxed smile, knowing that she isn’t even out of first gear yet. It was clear Andrew was going to be in for one long nightmare at her hands!

She has gotten more buff and more powerful since her last visit to Monica’s and her appetite for eating wimps for breakfast remains as large as ever.

Sheena takes him apart with each trapping him in leg scissors, camel clutches, choke holds, schoolgirl pins, head scissors, head locks, cross body pins - you name it, she does it and does it in style.

Andrew’s ordeal is made even worse as Sheena taunts him throughout. Warning him about her intentions and making him suffer seriously. She doesn’t break into sweat as she takes him apart.

Sheena is not shy about showing off her incredible muscles to the camera - even while Andrew is desperately submitting over and over!

In the end, his pain ends with him being put to sleep. We doubt he’ll be keen on massages in future!

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