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Sheela vs Nairobi

From the silent, tense face off ahead of their fight, we can tell beauties Sheela and Nairobi mean business in this match!

The pair meet in the tight confines of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room and it is clear that both are up for the battle and have victory on their minds.

And, sure enough, they waste no time at all going at it and are soon locked in a clinch and trying to get the advantage over one another in the hopes of notching up a very impressive win under their belts.

Straight away, you can tell this is going to be an all out war as they start locking their moves on one another, producing very loud cries of anguish as they take effect.

Nairobi has a bit of a size advantage between the two but Sheela has a big fighting heart and it soon becomes obvious that this is going to be an evenly matched, hard fought battle between the duo.

And their efforts certainly pay off as both Sheela and Nairobi earn those all important taps out that they crave as they look to get that win!

They waste no time between points either with their pair launching themselves straight back at one another within seconds of a submission being earned.

They utilise body scissors, grapevine pins, guillotines, head locks, head scissors and combination holds to great effect as the intensity ramps up with each passing minute.

You can also see how much effort Nairobi and Sheela are putting into this one by their dishevelled looks and obvious exhaustion as we approach the finishing line!

It’s a tight back and forth encounter and the tension remains between the pair even after The Referee calls time, judging by the barely cordial post fight ‘handshake’!

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