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Sheela vs Ivy Rain

Oooh you can cut the tension in the air when these two beauties square up to each other at the start of this way.

It’s clear both Ivy Sheela and Ivy Rain want to fight and they waste no time at all going at it, trapping each other in headlocks as a battle of will and strength kicks off this exciting match!

What helps to add to the intensity and electricity is they meet in the tight, confined space that is Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room.

Ivy Rain has a bit of a size advantage but Sheela isn’t at all phased by this and the two know they are in for a good fight and are well prepared for it.

The opening exchanges tell us we are in for a cracker as both ladies enjoy some success after getting on top of one another and executing body scissors and head locks which had the desired effect.

Throughout the whole encounter, they seem to be permanently locked up and only separate when a hard earned tap out eventually comes.

The intensity and will to win is written all over both Sheela and Ivy Rain’s beautiful faces and you can see them both digging deep as they crank up their efforts to achieve that. There isn’t much in the way of trash talking either as they are both focused on victory.

We see body scissors, head scissors, head locks, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, breast smothers and combination holds - many of which bring the success they both crave.

They just want to fight and Sheela and Ivy are still locked up and battling hard when Monica finally (and sadly) calls time to bring this one to a halt.

A handshake is exchange but there seems a trace of animosity - a rematch is needed!

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